Trump Responds To Key GOP Primary Heading To A Recount

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Despite it being over a week since the election took place we still do not know the results of the key GOP primary which would decide who would be the Republican nominee for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

It is now heading towards a recount.

From Conservative Brief:

The Republican primary race for Pennsylvania’s open U.S. Senate seat is officially headed for a recount.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth Leigh Chapman announced the state will conduct a recount of the GOP primary race.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, maintains a razor-thin margin of fewer than 1,000 votes over former hedge fund CEO David McCormick.

Trump responded by once again pointing out how much of a debacle the Pennsylvania race has been:

The “recount” of the Dr. Oz Senate race in Pennsylvania continues. Almost two weeks now, and counting. Any big surprises in store? What does the WSJ Ed Board think now? Not exactly transparent, right? Our elections are strictly Third World. Go to SAME DAY VOTING, PAPER BALLOTS! France and others go quickly and accurately. GET SMART AMERICA!